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The group BTS, who unified the global village with a special message of ‘Love Yourself’, gave the answer as ‘Speak Yourself’ and finished the year and two months’ journey. The three-hour performance of Jamsil stadium was a special scene that suggested another beginning, showing that the wild journey of these seven youths has not yet reached its peak.

BTS held ‘LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF [THE FINAL]’ performance at the Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium on June 29 at 6:30 pm.

This is the last performance of ‘Love Yourself’ tour held by BTS in the world since August last year, including the United States, Canada, England, France, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. On the third day following the 26th and 27th, a total of 130,000 fans enjoyed the concert.

◆ “Beautiful Journey Beginning in Seoul and ending in Seoul… thanks to A.R.M.Y.”

Jamsil stadium was thrilled for three or four hours before the show with ‘A.R.M.Y.’, transcending nationality, race, gender and generation. Fans with a thrilling expression took A.R.M.Y. bombs to take commemorative photos, and three or five people gathered to express their expectations for the performance.

As a result of the stadium tour, BTS appeared charismatic among the ballon-like tiger sculptures of the ancient Greek temple of its size. On stage, dressed in black and gray tone suits, they were vigorously open to Dionysus and Not Today.

Those who finished the opening stage said, “Is the tour that started in Seoul end again in Seoul. This is the same head and tail. It means that the beginning and the end are the same.” They said, “I was able to perform in various cities thanks to all of you who believed and supported us” (RM), “I will spend all of my remaining energy.” (V), “I will burn with no extras” (SUGA). Let’s have fun “(Jimin) was acclaimed.

Those who produced the perfect breathing of seven people through ‘Poems for Small Things’ continued their hot mood with ‘Baepsae’-‘Dope’-‘Burning’-‘Run’ Medley. In addition, it attracted a large number of popular repertoires such as ‘Fake Love’, ‘Idol’, ‘Micdrop’, ‘Anpanman’ and ‘Microcosm’. In addition, the vocal units (Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, V) showcased their charms and outstanding performances with the ‘The Truth Untold’ and the ‘Tier’ of hip-hop units (RM, Sugar, J-Hope).

In every single performance of BTS, A.R.M.Y. bombs flashed with a rainbow, and fans completed all the songs in a group and decided to make a bout with more than BTS on stage. The performance was hot all the time. It was as if they were watching the ‘BTS Festival’.

◆ Upgraded colorful 7 solo performances

The solo stage of the members made the performance more enriching. J-HOPE wore a red suit and performed the stage of the festival with dozens of dancers and a ‘Just Dance’ stage. Climbing around the performance hall, they created a hopeful atmosphere as if they were dreaming.

Jimin performed through the ‘Serendipity’ stage to show off the sparkling performances of stars in space. The soft and dynamic dance line shows off the ‘stage man’ appearance. “I love you” in the fans’ love, “I love you,” he draws a heart over his head.

RM’s ‘Love’ stage filled the wide stage with intense wrapping and free-spirited performance. It was RM alone on the stage, but the heart symbolizing love was also with hologram effect. RM said, “I can give you.”

V showed more deadly and dreamy atmosphere through ‘Singularity’ stage. His distinctive eyes still remained. Sugar presented a charismatic singing wrap in the atmosphere of walking alone in the middle of the city on the seesaw stage. Self-proclaimed ‘Worldwide Handsome’ Jean held ‘Epiphany’ while holding a stand microphone in a rainy direction. Fans are cheering for their foreheads and their surprises.

The solo stage with a 7-colored 7-person atmosphere showed the people who grew up through 62 tours. As if he had collected all the energy he received from fans all over the world, his performances were also improved through repeated performances.

  • Abundant quantity input → overwhelming quality completion

The performance was a step up from the ‘LOVE YOURSELF’, which was first introduced in August last year with a variety of effects. As it brought the performances of the world’s leading stadiums to the country as it was, it was an overwhelming and sophisticated performance not only with scale but also with various effects.

The overwhelming amount of input has enriched the performance with high quality. As it joined hands with Live Nation Global, the world’s leading performance planner, it boasted a higher level of quality than a year ago. The set list presented at the concert also seemed to see a pop festival in itself, filling it with representative songs that would capture the world rather than the unique atmosphere of K-pop.

Above all, the first ‘drone light show’ in Korea, which was set in the background of the last song ‘Microcosm’, was literally spectacular. The show that marked the opening ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics came to BTS and revolutionized the performance. Three hundred drones of purple color, starting from the grand universe and passing through the planets that make up the solar system, are shown flying over the microcosm space where BTS and A.R.M.Y. are together. The show’s end is transformed into a symbol of BTS and A.R.M.Y., embellishing the night sky of the venue.

◆ ‘Star of Global Superstars’ conveys their sincerity

On the stage, BTS swallowed the scene with intense eyes and colorful performances, but it was BTS that breathed happily with the fans with ingenuity that could not be stopped in the middle talk time. Most of the performances were filled with stage and bridge footage, but the medium and medium talk times were used in short and bold styles, adding to the fun. The fact that the status of ‘Global Superstar’ is colorless proved to be ‘(room) children’ with the beginning of debut. In the ‘Ang Pang Man’ staged on the stage of Angkor, he comes down the colorful slide and shows himself freely and openly. After finishing the stage of ‘Make Me Light’, he impressed A.R.M.Y. with a plan card containing the message, ‘BTS is planting stars named A.R.M.Y. in the Milky Way.’

V said, “Every time we received a huge gift from you, I wrote that this time we’ll plant A.R.M.Y. stars in the Milky Way.” RM was acclaimed saying, “It seems to go well with the message you gave.” “Will we not be Destiny?”

Those who took selfies with their fans and enjoyed surfing with 43,000 people showed tears by telling their honest feelings at the end of the tour. V said, “This tour is the last one, but I hope you don’t think it’s the last. Anyway, I’ll do it again, I’ll borrow a big theater and I’ll do it again” and asked, “Will you come again?”

J-Hope smiled, “It was a meaningful time that I learned a lot on this tour. “I thought it was the last time to sing a solo song, and I felt good, sorry, and complicated,” he said. “I will prepare my album hard and come back to another good concert.”

Jimin said, “When I was dancing, I was happy as if I was in a different world, but this time with you seems to be similar. I was so happy that I was in a different world. Thank you so much for making us another world.” Sugar said, “It’s a final concert, but if there’s a beginning, there’s an end, and if there’s a meeting, there’s a farewell.

Jungkook vigorously said, “I will further develop in the next album and concert, so that I can repay you with new energy,” while RM left a long comment and shed tears. “I don’t know if I love you right now after the Love Yourself tour, but I feel like I can.” “Love Myself: Speak myselfl” ends like this, but we “The journey to love is not over, so we hope we can go hand in hand and love ourselves.”

RM said, “After this many hours, I hope Kim Nam-Jun could be Kim Nam-Jun, BTS could be bulletproof, and every one of you would like someone to be yourself in the name of A.R.M.Y.. “He said. “Thank you, I’ve been able to live up to this point. In the hope that every single word, lyrics, will help you love you. I hope you enjoy. “

◆ ‘Pop Star’ BTS left their footprints on world performers

BTS has long surpassed the status of ‘K-Pop Star’. The stadium tour also raised the status as a pop star by making a significant mark on world performers.

BTS started the ‘Love Yourself’ tour that started in August last year and its extension ‘Love Yourself: Sphere Yourself’ tour in Korea, USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, With 62 performances in 23 cities around the world including Hong Kong, Thailand, Brazil and Saudi Arabia, it attracted 206 million viewers and was recognized as the most influential tour artist in the world. It was the first Korean singer to hold a stadium tour in all regions where the concert was held in North and South America, Europe and Asia, as well as the first overseas singer in Saudi Arabia.

In particular, ‘Speak Yourself’ stadium tour record topped the tour chart ‘Monthly Box Score’ and the Polestar tour chart ‘Live 75’ released by the US Billboard. They have also been nominated for the Tour of the Year award at the American Music Awards on November 24 (local time).

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