‘Psychopath Diary’ Yoon Si-yoon, Jung In-sun, Park Seong-hoon, three characteristic poster released

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Yoon Si-yun, Jung In-sun and Park Sung-hoon’s character poster of tvN’s new TV series ‘Psychopath Diary’ was released.

tvN’s new Wednesday Thursday series ‘Phycopath Diary’ (writer Ryu Yong-jae, Kim Hwan-chae, Choi Sung-joon and director Lee Jong-jae) is the story of Yuk Dong-sik, who lost his memory in a car accident while running away from the murder scene. After awakening he mistook himself for a psychopath serial killer because he had accidentally picked serial killers diary on the spot. Lee Jong-jae, who directed the drama “100 Days My Prince” and Ryu Yong-jae, who wrote the drama “The Liar Game” and “Time between Dog and Wolf,” are raising expectations.

Character posters of Yoon Si-yun (play as Yuk Dong-sik), Jung In-sun (play as Sim Bo-kyung) and Park Sung-hoon (play as Seoul In-woo) are released to be focused on attention.

First, Yun Si-yun creates tension with a frosty expression, with one of his mouths curled up as if he is laughing at someone. Wearing a black hooded T-shirt with his bloody diary, his eyes spread chill. However, in the back, Yun Siyun’s hands are grabbing not a diary, but a video written as THRILLER. In addition, the written phrase “a pushover who is mistaken for a serial killer” inspires laughter.

Meanwhile Jung In-sun raises her interest with a suspicious expression, with her eyes wide open and biting her lips. Whether she wears a police uniform or not, viewers sympathize with her deep agony of work ethic. In particular, the phrase ‘Cop full of passion’ is expected to be actively engaged for Jung In-sun, who runs to resolve civil affairs.

Lastly, Park Sung-Hoon catches the eye with a gentle smile. However, unlike the tail of the mouth laughing, the eyes do not smile. Above all, the torn photo dressed in a neat suit reveals a picture of Park Seong-hoon wearing a raincoat that is filled with red blood.

 ‘Psychopath of 100% purity’ Park Seong-hun is already thrilled to see what he is hiding behild his good smile.

‘Psychopath Diary’ raises the expectation about the three-dimensional characters and the unpredictable story to be drawn only by the character poster that shows the characters of Yun Si-yun, Jung In-sun and Park Sung-hoon. As the contents become public, interest in the first broadcast of Psychopath Diary increases.

tvN’s new drama “Psychopath Diary” will be broadcast at 9:30 pm on November 20 following Wednesday Thursday drama ‘Miss Lee’.

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