TWICE ‘Feel Special’ Releases 400,000 Sheets of Single album creating a self record

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

Group Twice broke their record for a single album.

The 8th mini-album ‘Feel Special’ released on September 23rd achieved 400,000 shipments based on Gaon Chart on October 28th.

This is the highest record ever for a single album released by TWICE.

‘Feel Special’ recorded sales of 154,000 albums from September 23rd to 29th on the Hanter chart, changing the K-pop girl group’s initial record and turning the green light on their ’12 consecutive hits’.

Their title song music video also broke the 100 million views on YouTube on October 15th at 0:27 and set a record of 12 consecutive 100 million views.

As a result, TWICE’s 12 songs, from their debut song ‘OOH-AHH’ (elegantly) to ‘Feel Special’, exceeded 100 million views.

 Among the music videos, ‘TT’ and ‘LIKEY’ rose to 400 million views, boasting the strong power of YouTube’s strongest.

JYP Park Jin-young, who wrote lyrics and composed The song ‘Feel Special’  loved TWICE’s sincerity in the message of ‘Comfort from a Warm Word.’

TWICE, who made a short-term entry into Tokyo Dome after debuting as a foreign artist, will stage the stage again in Tokyo Dome within a year and will set the stage of ‘K-Pop One-Top Girl Group’.

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