Lee Sangyoon jokes about “Dating Jang Nara? There is nothing zero potential in the world ”(‘Night of Real Entertainment)

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Jae-Eun]

Actor Lee Sangyoon answered the possibility of dating Jang Nara in real life.

In the SBS entertainment information program ‘Night of Real Entertainment’, which was broadcast on the 29th, an interview was conducted with Lee Sangyoon and Jang Nara, who are starring in SBS’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘VIP’.

Reporter So Seulji asked Lee Sangyoon and Jang Nara, “I’ve been heard that you two have dated after casted in ‘VIP’.” Lee Sangyoon looked at Jang Nara and replied, “There is nothing inpossible in the world.”

When Jang Nara stared at Lee Sangyoon with curiosity, Lee added quickly looking at Jang nara “Her eyes are asking what on earth I’m thinking about?”.

So Seulji asked, “Have you ever worked together before?” Lee Sangyoon and Jang Nara said that this is the first drama shooting but they are the same age, and become close friends. Both of them boasted sweet chemistry throughout the interview.

Meanwhile, the drama ‘VIP’ is the secret private office melodrama which depicts the team in charge of 1% VIP clients of a department store. VIP soared to the highest viewer ratings of 9.4% in two episodes and rose to the top of the Monday and Tuesday drama ratings.

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