Na Mun-hee & Kim Soo-an’s upcoming film ‘A Little Princess’,

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Actress Na Moon-hee and Kim Su-an announced fantastic chemistry in ‘A Little Princess’.

A production report of ‘A Little Princess’ at the megabox Dongdaemun in Seoul on the 30th. Director Heo In-moo as well as actress Na Mun-hee and Kium Suan attended.

‘A Little Princess’ portrayed the most bizarre cohabitation of 12-year-old mature granddaughter Gongju appears in front of immature granny Malsun who never heard of her in her 72-year-old life.

The chemistry of Na Moon-hee and Kim Su-an and the combination of  Choi Gyu-pil, Choi Gyu-pil and Cheon Woo-hee foretell the all-time acting synergy.

Huh In-moo said of ‘A Little Princess’, “It contains a pleasant and succinct story about two discordant characters colliding.”

Na Mun-hee, who made 36 million viewers laugh and cry in her previous works such as ‘Miss Granny’ and ‘I Can Speak’, transforms into Malsun. Kim Su-an, the youngest actress who surprised Chungmuro ​​with ‘Train To Busan,’ ‘Battleship Island’, ‘Along with the Gods’, played a granddaughter Gongju, who is the opposite of her granny in every way.

Na Moon-hee said, “I was sick when I started this movie. My heart was very lonely. When I read the scenario, it was a lonely story and I thought I would do well”. “I wanted to try it. I have gained great physical and mental strength.”

Kim Soo-an said, “I always had a lot of roles with dad. I chose to share chemistry with granny and to show the emotion of mature 12-year-old girl of my age. ”

Kim Soo-an said of Na Moon-hee, “Though Na Moon-hee has warmth of grandmother, she is not an old generation. However, I did not feel the age difference” “As we used to talk at the scene, it was a combination of fantasy. In the movie, it will be felt as a combination of craziness”

Na Moon-hee also emphasized that breathing was good. She had a different acting style from Kim Soo-an. “I was nervous because I’m a bit sensitive but Su-an was just playing, and easy-going. She did better than I after film shooting went in. She has been practing a lot, I worried over nothing.”

Director Heo In-moo commented on Na Moon-hee “I wanted to be with her from the scenario writing. He said he could not yield as much as this casting, but she said Ok it was good from the start. She’s like a master of martial arts. She controlled the all scenes. Once though I wrote a long line, but I could understand her look at that time, that’s why I have been briefly summarized the script. ”

“When I was with Kim Suan, I thought I shouldn’t thought she was a kid actress. She was good at interpreting and expressing her so that I’ve never thought of working with a child. Everyday was like a gift”, he commented.

‘A Little Princess’ will be released on November 27.

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