‘Soomi’s Side Dishes’ Kim Soomi-style Spicy Beef Kimbab Recipe Released

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Kim Soomi-style Spicy Beef Kimbap Recipe will be unveiled at ‘Soomi’s Side Dishes’.

TVN ‘Soomi’s Side Dishes’ (Directed by Moon Tae-ju), which will be aired on the 30th, in the 74th episode Kim Soomi volunteered to teach her three students, actors Lim Hyun-sik, Kim Yong-gun, singer Jeon In-kwon to cook at home .

Kim Soomi selected side dishes that required more sophisticated and detailed skills for the seventh class with three disciples. Egg rolls, which require not only chopping ingredients fine but also skill to roll a dough, spiring onions, which doesn’t need any side dishes when eating ramen, Pollack stew, and spicy beef kimbap will appear.

In particular, the spicy beef kimbap was once introduced in the 4th episode and was a hot dish. Today, it is expected to bring a new wind of the kimbab system at the same time as the recipe is released.

Meanwhile the youngest Jeon In-kwon, who always makes dishes with heavenly taste beyond everyone’s imagination, is perfectly adapted to the kitchen counter. In addition to boasting the cutting skills, he hums songs and gives hints on his next.

The 74th episode of ‘Soomi’s Side Dishes’ with the three granddas will be broadcast on Wednesday evening at 8:10 pm.

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