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Stroll along the lighted road while listening to the sound of water flowing gently. Cheonggyecheon is a place where you can spend such a rich […]

N Seoul Tower

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This time, we will introduce the N Seoul Tower, a popular sightseeing spot but also a popular date course. I took a cable car the […]

Innisfree Green Cafe

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A cafe on the main street of Myeongdong. This café, developed by the famous Korean cosmetic brand Innisfree, is a four-story building. The first floor […]

Lim Ji-yeon with black dress

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[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Jae-Eun] Actress Lim Ji-yeon boasted her elegance beauty in a black dress. The actress posted several photos on her Instagram […]

One in a million

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Do you know that there is a famous cafe street in Itaewon? There are dozens of different types of cafes. Today, I would like to […]

Myeongdong food stalls

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A famous tourist destination, Myeongdong. Speaking of Myeongdong, there are a lot of stalls. This time I would like to introduce food stalls in Myeongdong. […]