Gong Hyo-jin wailed after knowing Lee Jung-eun’s days are numbered’… “Why did you return to me?”

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‘When camellia blooms’ Lee Jung Eun’s secret began to be revealed.

In the 27th and 28th episodes of the KBS2 Wednesday and Thrusday drama ‘When camellia blooms’ aired on the 31st, Kwak Deok-soon and Jung Suk’s past were given an outline.

Kwak Deok-soon’s past is depicted on this day. Kwak Deok-soon had to live with listening ‘what a horrible fate!’ after her husband’s death.

Nevertheless, she could not neglect her business to feed her three sons. Kwak Deok-soon raised er three sons, confronting those who beat up and looked down on her.

As much as she loved her sons, her affections for sons was exceptional. Kwak Deok-soon came to the hospital with the news that Hwang Yong-sik (Kang Hanul) was hospitalized. She sobbed, “How hot was it?”

However, Kwak Deok-soon who used to listening to the widow with horrible fate, but in the face of her sons’ wounds were forced to become coward. Kwak Deok-soon shook off Camellia(Gong Hyo-jin)’s hands and said “You should leave now, go away.” Camellia understood the heart of Kwak Deok-soon and turned bitterly.

Among these, a suspect who appeared to be arsonist came out. It was father of Park Heung-sik (Lee Kyu-sung). Park Heung-Sik said, “There’s a fire at the market, have you heard that?” Park Heung-Sik pleaded to his father “Dad, please. Please don’t do anything.” Park’s dad answered causing tension “They survived. So you can find out when you make a fire. If she is a human, then dies, if not she must be a witch.”

Hwang Yong-sik tacked with all his might to arrest a criminal. He claimed that the site was arable, and he was forced to out of the hospital and investigated the arson scenes. As a result, it was revealed that the CCTV on site broke down at the same day.

In addition, a helmet worn by Hyangmi (Son Dambi) was found in the Ongsan lake. Hwang Yong-sik began to investigate the disappearance of Hyangmi, saying that the blood on her helmet was from the neck if it was her real blood. He found out a suspicious transaction in Hyangmi’s account which is related to Noh Kyu-tae, and accused Noh.

Noh remembered nothing at first. The day Hyangmi disappeared because he was drunk. However, the memory of Noh Kyu-tae’s little bit became a definitive testimony to the disappearance of Hyangmi. He testified that he was in a car accident when he had been chased by Jessica’s car the day Hyangmi disappeared.

In addition, as a result of tracking Hyangmi’s cell phone with the help of Roh Kyu-tae, she was found in the center of Ongsan Lake. Captain Byun wondered whether he really had to call a diving team, but Hwang Yong-sik was urged not to tell Camellia.

Meanwhile, the secrets of Jung-sook were gradually revealed. The woman who visited her was insisted that she was Jung-sook’s daughter, suggesting that she was not dementia. Camellia suspected that her mother was not dementia and had a story she could not tell.

But camellia refused to talk to Jung-sook, “I’m a naive person, and I must untangle my mind when I listen her story. I don’t want to forget how much I hate my mom. So I don’t want to listen  it now.”

Camellia later found out that Jeong-sook went to the hospital every Thursday. Camellia was shocked by the question of mom’s doctor asking if she came to donate a kidney. On the day that Camellia pay her mom back in the same pork meat and words asking “Did you came back to take me off a kidney who you had abandoned?”

Jeong-sook wailed listening Camellia’s saying that she recalled the day thousands of times when she was abandoned. Also, it was a pity of her to look back of Camellia without thinking about camellia’s misunderstandings.

Since then, Camellia went to Hwang Yong-sik. She hugged Hwang Yong-sik and asked, “My mom keeps on looking back on me. Why does she keep looking back? There I have waited for 27 years. What should I do if my mom has done same?”

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