Queendom’s AOA and Lovelyz perform Cowboy and Goddess Concept Stage

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The first stage in ‘Queendom’ was decorated by AOA and Lovelyz.

On the 31st of the Mnet entertainment program ‘Queendom’’s final episode, the final round stage of Lovelyz, Mamamoo, Park Bom, AOA, (G)-idle, OH MY GIRL was drawn.

AOA members are ready to open the final stage. Seol-hyun said, “I will make no mistakes because it is live broadcast, Hye-jung resolved “I am very confident if I can perform as I have practiced”. Jimin said, “Please support and expect a lot.”

AOA presented ‘Sorry’ on stage with a costume reminiscent of a cowboy and a western-like atmosphere. It attracted the public’s attention with their beauty of female warrior.

The second contest has begun with the stage of Lovelyz. Lovelyz focused their sad lyrics on a mysterious stage. The stage was decorated with mysterious concepts in harmony with the previous Lovelyz’ concept to cheer the audience.

 In particular, the members wore white long dresses with long hair, which boasted their goddess beauty.

Mamamoo’s Hwasa said a joke after seeing the performance “Let’s get some Kimbap since we’ve done with Queendom. Solar commented “It was a real crazy performance, I was really surprised and it was awesome”.

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