“Movie Room” Jeon Do-yeon, still growing up as an actress…, wants to play a role in a vampire movie, romantic comedy, and in an action film

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Actress Jeon Do-yeon said she is still growing up as an actress.

Actress Jeon Do-yeon appeared in JTBC’s entertainment program ‘Movie Room’, which aired on the 3rd.

On the day, Jeon Do-yeon answered ‘It’s the story” about the questions what sort of criteria she used to choose a film. Jeon Do-yeon added, “What the public wants me is a commercial film that is a bit closer and familiar to them.

But I do not know the difference. I don’t know what I have changed. “

So Jang Sung-gyu asked, “Have you any mind to play a role in romantic comedy?” Jeon Do-yeon answered “I’d love to do though I have two left feet”. Jang Sung-kyu joked about “How about a vampire movie,” and Jeon Do-yeon replied witty, “I’m eager to play in it, too”.

Jeon Do-yeon says, “My dream is to become an actress who continues to work in good films.

 “There is something when the public has defined me. That’s because what I have done before so I have to do something in order to break preconception about me. I mean, I want to keep going and I’m still growing up as an actor,” she said with modesty.

Meanwhile, ‘Movie Room’ is broadcast every Sunday at 10:40 am.

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