HyunA thought she’s just like a flower in ‘Flower Shower’

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Singer HyunA commented for her new song ‘Flower Shower’ that expressed her earnest and candid mind in it.

On the 5th, a showcase was held to commemorate the releases of HyunA and Dawn’s Solo album on the same day at Blue Square, Hannam-dong, Seoul.

HyunA will be releasing a digital single ‘Flower Shower’ at 6 pm on the day. This is HyunA’s first solo release since ‘Lip & Hip’ released in December 2017.

HyunA introduced, “When you heard only the title of ‘Flower Shower’, the song is expected to be flex but it’s a song that ties to capture the dual feeling.”

 She explained, “I know that although flowers are so beautiful but when the time’s on they should be fallen off one day. I also know they have to bloom in summer and wait for the blooming in winter, and they need a lot of affection and love which could spoil them when overflowing. Somehow I thought that I am just like flowers.” She continued ” When I received this song, I changed my mind thinking how I can sing this song heartily on stage. “

HyunA also said, “All kinds of mind comes up with me when I see a flower. The emotions like wanting to walk on the flowery path, or aspiration to bloom like cherry flowers though they should be fallen off soon”

While Singer Dawn, HyunA’s lover, returns with ‘Money’ on the same day. The digital single ‘Money’ is a song written and composed by Dawn, and it contains Dawn’s unique colors.

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