‘VIP’ Jang Nara forgives Lee Sangyoon but still doubts…

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Jang Nara at ‘VIP’ forgave Lee’s affair, but she still dreamed of her doubting Lee Sangyoon.

In the SBS drama ‘VIP’, which aired on the 5th, Na Jung-sun (Jang Nara) dreamed that Park Sung-joon (Lee Sangyoon) committed affair at the office. She said that she would believe once more, but it was a dream that reflected Na Jung-seon’s psychology that still disturbed Park’s affairs.

On that day, Park Sung-joon prepared a breakfast for Na Jung Sun. After setting coffee and toast, he went to wake up sleeping Najung-sun. Park Sung-joon, who is about to go for work, woke up Na Jung-sun saying “Hey kid, it’s time to wake up.”.

Na Jung-sun grumbled “I’m not a child, but an adult” and kissed him. Park said that he must go to work, but did not reject Na Jung-sun. It was sweet like any newlywed couple.

Later, Na Jung-sun saw Park in the office with a woman in doubt. Park Sung-joon kissed the mysterious woman’s face. But this was Na Jung’s dream.

Park prepared breakfast for Na-jung as usual. What changed from the past was Na Jung-sun’s response. In the past, Na Jung-sun expressed her affection and thanks for Park’s preparation for breakfast, but Na Jeong-sun at present only gave a dry answer “I got it”.

On that day, Na Jung-sun did not concentrate on her work after dreaming of her husband’s cheating at the office. Na Jung-sun substituted Lee Hyuna, Song Mina, and On Yuri for her husband ‘s a bit on the side and raised doubts about her colleague in VIP team.

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