Emotional ballad Park Da-ye announces new song ‘That’s it’

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

Emotional ballad Park Da-ye comes back with the new song ‘That’s it.’

Park Daye announced the new song ‘That’s it’ on the 6th at noon on an online music site. ‘That ’s it’ is a song with a lonely autumn sensibility sound that goes well with the chilly autumn breeze. The lyrics of “I’ve never been able to”, “I couldn’t help it”, “Are you the same as me” expressed my heartfelt feelings after the breakup.

Takers Yang Kyeong-suk has improved production by participating in producing and arranging music. Takers Project Takers ×? The sixth work in the series draws more attention.

Park Da-ye, who debuted in 2009 as the OST ‘What do you do’ for the SBS drama ‘You’re handsome’, has participated in various OSTs and is called “ OST Goddess. ” “Spring, my own Christmas,” released in May, was also acclaimed for showing calm emotions.

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