Lee Hyo-ri’s girlish pure makeup

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Jae-Eun]

The makeup video of Lee Hyo-ri was posted on the YouTube channel of makeup artist Hong Hyun-jeong on the 5th.

Lee Hyo-ri in the released video is getting makeup for the magazine Cosmopolitan December issue beauty photoshoot with a cosmetics brand. In this video, Lee Hyo-ri showed off her unique witty volubility.

Lee Hyo-ri told Hong Hyun-jung, the make-up manager, “You know the blue oil paper you used when you were young?” During her Pin.K.L. days, she uncovered an anecdote that she was scolded roundly from her boss to save oil paper while using a boxful paper each day with members. “In the old days, one eyelash was attached three times for three days,” she recalled.

On that day, Lee Hyo-ri showed off the perfect makeup. Coral-like lips were added to her white, smooth skin that was not any different from her days in Fin. K.l., showing the appearance of innocent goddess. Lee Hyo-ri, who finished her makeup, staff at pictorial shooting admired her with a professional charisma.

While Lee Hyo-ri was loved for showing her easy-going but considerate charm by appearing with Fin.K.l. members of the JTBC Entertainment program ‘Camping Club’, which ended in September.

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