Ma Dong-seok with bobbed-hair to be an all time classic since Kim Sungkyun

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When the launch poster of the movie ‘Ignition’ was released, which was transformed into actor Ma Dong-seok’s bobbed-hair, the netizens laughed and expected.

On the 6th the distributing agency NEW confirmed the December release of the human comedy film ‘Ignition’, which was starring with Ma Dong-seok, Park Jung-min, Jung Hae-in, and Yeom Jeong-ah, and posted two pleasant launch posters. The characters are full of personality against the clear sky.

The poster has a large visual of the short-haired Ma Dong-seok wearing a pink man-to-man t-shirt and makes a strong impression. You can also see Park Jung-min sitting on a motorcycle with bright yellow hair, and Jung Hae-in, who shows off handsome visual and expresses the atmosphere of “gangster kids” somewhere. Yeom Jeong-ah, who is posing just before smashing a strong spike wearing blue sweatshirt also stands out.

The netizens who saw the posters raised their expectations for the movie ‘Ignition’.

The netizens commented, “What is this amazing honey combination? Expected to hit the jackpot,” “Ma Dong-seuk with bobbed-hair looks good,” ”Best bobbed-hair since Kim Sung-kyun in ‘Nameless Gangster’”, “Actors and the production line are also good. “I’m going to see you right now!.”

The movie ‘Ignition’ is based on cartonnist Cho Kumsan Webcomic of the same name which scored 9.8 points, and was created by the production staff of ‘Veteran’ and ‘Exit’, who captivated audiences of all generations with delightful laughter and cheerful action. The film portrays a delightful story of the rebellious rebel Taek-il (Park Jung-min), who met the unidentified short-haired chef ‘brother Geo-seok’ (Ma Dong-seuk), and the enthusiastic rebel, Sang-pil (Jung Hae-in), who tastes the real world.

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