‘Chief of Staff’ is back with a new season (Comprehensive)

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‘Chief of Staff 2’ is back with more intense characters and richer stories.

In the afternoon of July 7 at the Sangam Stanford Hotel in Mapo-gu, Lee Jung-jae, Shin Min-ah, Elijah, Kim Dong-jun, Kim Gap-soo and producing director Kwak Jung-hwan,  attended the production presentation of JTBC2’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Chief of Staff 2 : People Who Move the World’ (hereinafter ‘Chief of Staff 2)’. .

The new season depicts the life of Jang Tae-joon (Lee Jung-jae)’s dangerous run and his fierce survival in the world of politics.

Kwak Jung-hwan, who was also in charge of directing ‘‘Chief of Staff’’ 2nd Season after the 1st Season, explained, “Compared to Season 1, Season 2 has become much more complex and subtle and intense. The most important incidents from season 1 were the deaths of Lee Sungmin(Jang Jinyoung) and Go Seok Man(Im wonhee). After those incidents relationships changed. The relationship between the characters have become more delicate, through which the characters help each other while in doubt, and the way they go about achieving the shared goal will be interesting to see.”

Director continued, “I need to be careful because the drama is connected to politics. Frankly speaking, I wanted to talk about the Minister of Education instead of the Minister of Justice. It was when ‘Sky Castle’ was just hit. After trying to deal with the education problem, I talked with the writer and we changed the topic into a judiciary and a minister of justice. As a result, there was a similarity between reality and politics unintentionally. ”

“When you watch the reality drama, you can have fun. Although dramas can be enjoyed in public and entertaining, I think it is better for educational content to throw social messages and themes and to convey meaning. In that sense, I wanted to reflect the reality. In this respect it was proud and rewarding. ”

“Season 1 and Season 2 are different stories. Season 2 is exciting as the relationship is complicated and subtle, following the emotions of the characters. In Season 2, I think the actors perform better. Different people with different beliefs and personalities have a confrontation with acting power, creating inhalation and tension. ”

In ‘Chief of Staff 2’, the characters go through various changes, centering on Lee Jung-jae and Shin Min-ah. Shin Min-ah is the first member of the season, Kang Seon-young. She met with aide officer Im Won-hee in season 1, but in season 2 she is accompanied by a new assistant, Park Hyo-joo. Shin Min-ah said, “At the end of Season 1, Sunyoung’s aide, Koh Seok-man (Im Won-hee), died a suspicious death, Sunyoung is experiencing a situation where she encounters complex feelings such as suspicion, revenge, and betrayal of surrounding relationships. There’s a lot of things that season 2 Sun Young must face.”

Lee Jung-jae said about the relationship with Shin Min-ah in season 1, ” The relationship developed and then stopped, they cooperated and broke up. I am curious about what happens next, too. So please look forward our relationship and keep watching it”.

Song Hee-seop(Kim Gap-soo), rose to a minister of justice from a lawmaker revealing a more greedy desire. Kim Gap-soo said, “The recent case of the Justice Department has broken. Our drama has no choice but to reflect the realities without intention.” “I wanted to show in this drama how a person with power wields the power and how to use it if he misuses it”.

In addition, lots of new characters appear in ‘Chief of Staff 2’ to create a rich story.  Director said, Kwak said, “Jung Man-sik appears as the Chief Prosecutor’s Office. Park Hyo-ju acts as aide to Shin Min-ah, who hates Lee Jung-jae, and suspects that Shin-min-ah is in danger if she gets close to him. Cho Bok-rae, who appears as aide to Jang Tae-jun, is confusing person who knows if he’s a friend or enemy.

 The conflict between Jang Tae-jun and around the central figures and these characters will create a constant tension. ”

‘Chief of Staff 2’, which recorded an average rating of 3% in 1st Season, is expected to succeed in bringing in a new audience with the change in characters and stories.

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