Lee Si-eon’s transformation into a new face without laughter at ‘Killed My Wife’

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Actor Lee Si-eon, who returned to ‘Killed My Wife’, is foretelling a transformation.

‘Killed My Wife’ is a blackout thriller about a man who lost the previous night’s memory due to drunkenness, and who is driven to a suspect to kill his wife, the movie originating the webtoonist Hee Nari’s webcomic of the same name is about to release in December.

Lee Si-eon, who debuted in the 2009 TV drama “Friend, Our Legend,” made the characters perfect as if he was wearing tailored clothes to make a strong impression on viewers. Since then, he has captivated viewers in various dramas such as ‘Reply 1997’, ‘W’, ‘Live’ and ‘Player’, and played the role of a suspect who killed his wife while he lost the memory in this upcoming movie Killed My Wife’. As the role of ‘Jungho’ Lee Si-on will challenge the thriller genre for the first time and he is going to show diametric image before.

He will show a broad spectrum of acts ranging from the natural acting of usual daily situations such as blackout under the influence of liquor to the extreme emotion acting in the worst situation that he can’t believe his memory one day since he was pointed out suspect.

Also Lee Si-eon did the chasing action in person, he showed performances that he has accumulated over time. The movie ‘Killed My Wife’, which can confirm the unconventional transformation of Lee Si-eon, will captivate the audience this winter with a fresh surprise to the audience.

The blackout thriller “Killed My Wife” is expected to be premiered in early December.

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