Why Tei declared to give my doppelganger staff a bonus at ‘Omniscient Point of View’

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Tei’s Doppelganger staff will appear at ‘Omniscient Point of View’.

In the 77th episode of MBC entertainment program ‘Omniscient Point of View’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘OPV’), which is broadcasted on the 9th, Tei is transformed into the owner of a hamburger house. It’s expected that as soon as Tei arrives at the hamburger house, he transformed into a passionate boss will be a special fun.

There is a tremendous secret hidden in the released picture.

There appeared another ‘Tei’ who are similar to him. The two look like the same are confusing enough to be able to distinguish who is Tei and who is not Tei.

More surprisingly, they are not sibling. The identity of Tei Doppelganger is the staff of a hamburger house run by Tei. Even though he is not Tei’s family at all, the episode that looks similar to this and Tei’s acquaintances have already greeted the doppelganger is said to provide both laughter and creepy.

Tei declared that he had to “give bonuses” to his doppelganger staff. What is the reason why Tei has already tried to give bonuses only to his doppelganger amongst staff?

In addition to the appearance, other parts of Tei’s doppelganger was revealed marvelously same. What chaos is that the Doppelganger staff caused is revealed at the point of “Omniscient Point of View” that is expected to give a big smile.

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