Kim Hye-soo crank up the film ‘The Day I Die’… It was a destiny…

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Actress Kim Hye-soo’s comeback to the screen, “The Day I Die,” finished all the shooting.

The movie ‘The Day I Die’ depicts the story of Hyun-soo, a detective who traces the girl who disappeared to the edge of the cliff, leaving only one note during the night when a storm blew up. Kim Hye-soo’s ‘The Day I Die’ was cranked up last November 5.

‘The Day I Die’ is Park Ji-wans’ full-length debut film, who won the 10th Seoul International Women’s Film Festival’s Best Award for his short film. The film received the attention of Chungmuro ​​early as a solid scenario that contains delicate expressions and deep emotions in the story of a woman who pursues the answer of life while chasing traces of the disappeared girl.

In addition, Kim Hye-soo, a non-substituted actress who has continued her unique career through screens and TV dramas, and the new heroine Noh Jung-ui, who showed off the attractiveness of high school girls in the recent drama ‘Great Show ‘, Actress Lee Jung-eun who showed a strong performance in the movie ‘Parasites’, and lastly Kim Sun-young who exudes a variety of charms in each her works such as the movie ‘MAL.MO.E:The Secret Mission’, and the drama ‘When camellia blooms’, acting synergy created by the best actors raises expectations.

After finishing three months of filming on the 5th, Kim Hye-soo, who played the role of detective ‘Hyun-soo’ who traced the disappeared girl said, “I don’t realize it yet. It’s the last filming with regret, but there’s a thrill to face a miracle rather than a feeling of being over.” She continued “It was destiny to meet this movie and to play this character.”

Park Ji-wan commented, “I was ecstatic to work with such good actors and actresses whom I have longed for, and to experience them becoming characters in the movie.” “Thank you to the actors and staff who came with me. I’ll use this energy to complete a good movie. ”

‘The day I died’ will be released in 2020 after post-production.

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