Mnet, “We have never discussed dismantling IZ&ONE and X1 … we are discussing various angles”

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

The production group IZ*ONE and X1 stopped working under the controversy of voting. Mnet has said that it has never discussed dismantling.

An official from Mnet told the Maeil Business Star Today that “We are discussing various activities and programs of X1 and IZ*ONE.” On the dismantling theories, “The police are investigating and waiting for the investigation,” he said.

IZ*ONE and X were produced through ‘Produce 48’ and ‘Produce X 101’, and they continued their activities with the love of viewers named ‘National Producers’.

The red light came to light as PD Ahn Jun-young admitted to manipulating the votes during the final member selection process. Aizu One has temporarily delayed the comeback date scheduled for November 11th.

The reaction of the netizen with the direction of IZ*ONE and X1 is also divided.

Many netizens are uncomfortable with the activities of IZ*ONE and X1 as long as the operation is revealed. “As there are no members’ responsibility for the operation itself, but there are victims who were eliminated due to the operation. Etc. has a negative reaction.

However, some say that “children are not guilty,” and “the dissolution of IZ*ONE and X1 will eventually cause another damage.”

Meanwhile, IZ*One and X1 are not expected to go to the ‘2019 MAMA’ held in Nagoya, Japan on December 4th.

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