US fallen under a spell of ‘Jessica Jingle’

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Actress Park So-dam’s Jessica Jingle became a hot topic in the United States.

According to Box Office Mojo on November 11, ‘Parasites’ earned $795,000 a day on the 10th (local time) and recorded a total sales of $11,127,976 (about 1,329,499 won). This surpassed $10.97 million in sales at the time of the release of ‘The War’, the biggest Korean hit film ever recorded in United States.

‘Parasites’ has shown a steep rise in theater and box office sales, attracting the attention of the US audience since it opened at three theaters in New York and Los Angeles last month. After winning the Golden Palm Award at the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival held in May for the first time in Korea, as they are expected to be in the US Academy Awards, the sales are on the rise.

As the film ‘Parasites’ has been popular, the so-called ‘Jessica Jingle’ starting with “Jessica, the only child, Illinois, and Chicago” by Park So-Dam has become very popular. It is called ‘Jessica Jingle’ (in English meaning jingal, which means many phrases with the same repetition here) and is gaining popularity.

American audiences who watched the movie “parasites” are responding to the SNS, “Jessica Jingle lingers on my head.”

In response to this popularity, North American distributor Nion posted a video ‘Jessica Jingle Learning from Park So-dam’ on the official SNS. In the released video, Park So-dam sings “Jessica, the only daughter, Illinois, Chicago,” and shows the scene where she pressed the doorbell.

‘Jessica Jingle’ is a song that describes ‘Dokdo is our land’ familiar to Koreans. It was recorded that the film ‘Parasites’ director Bong Jun-ho and a co-writer and scripter Han Jin-won worked together.

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