[Curtain Call] “The full-time job after the 5th debut”… Sohee, PRODUCE X 101, Debut with ‘NATURE’.

So-hee from ‘Produce 101’ Season 1 joined the group Nature as a new member and made her debut.

Nature (Sohee, Aurora, Saebom, Lu, Chaebin, Haru, Loha Rapeseed Sunshine) opened the second mini-album ‘NATURE WORLD: CODE A’ at Ilji Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on February 12th at 2 pm.

Lu said about their comeback in three months, “We were preparing the ‘Nature Project’ while doing our first mini-album.” “I wanted to show you the stage quickly. This album has the same good tracklist as the last album, so please pay attention. ” “I have transformed into a rapper through this activity.” She asked to expect this in the new song.

In particular, this comeback attracts attention as it is the first album released after the new member Sohee joins. Sohee, who has been active in the Mnet audition program “Produce 101” Season 1, has worked in various project groups such as project groups C.I.V.A and I.B.I.

Sohee said, “I did a lot of project groups, but I became a full-time employee in this one! I feel like I found a fence called ‘Nature members’. I’m nervous and I can’t stand here. I will not escape this fence. ”

When asked if she had any difficulties joining the existing group, Sohee said, “I was worried that I would not fit well because I was not familiar with the members.”

Lu said, “Sohee adapts very well.” “It was great to stay with Sohee and practice and teach together. ”

The title song, OOPSIE (My Bad), is an EDM song with an impressive synth bass and addictive beats. Sohee says, “the Hook means ‘I’m so sorry.’ ” The Addictive hooks come out many times, so I hope you listen a lot. ”

Lu replied with the song containing the girl crush charm. “If you look at each of our members, we have sexy friends and cute friends. So I came back with a mix of different charms. ”

Sunshine continued, “I practiced hard and recorded for vocals with points in the middle of the song.”

“I hope you will also be interested in the vocal appeal that you prepared in this oops. ”

Lastly, Nature members said, “The last album’s goal was to chart in the music charts. This time we want to chart in the melon. ”

Meanwhile, Nature’s new album “ NATURE WORLD: CODE A ” includes the title song “ Upsi ”, “ Bing Bing ”, “ What’s Up ” and “ Drinkin ” (Drinkin). ) ‘,’ My Sun, My Moon, My Star ‘and five songs. Released at 6 pm on this day.

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