Lee Ha Nee looked back on herself thanks to the film ‘Black Money’ director Jung Ji-young”

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Lee Ha Nee showed a special pride and affection for ‘Black Money’.

“I didn’t believe it. The day has come for me to work with them. ”

Actress Lee Ha Nee(36) said, holding her hands together. “The moment I’ve longed for was sooner than expected. They are the people I really wanted to meet.” She could not hide her heart.

‘Black Money’ depicts a financial crime drama that rookie prosecutor Yang Min-hyuck(played by Cho Jin-woong) was in trouble due to the suicide of the suspect in charge of the investigation, and he faced the reality of a huge financial corruption while trying to clear the case.

Lee Ha Nee, who played as an elite lawyer Kim Na-ri in the film, said, “It was a character that was completely different from the previous works at ‘Extreme Job’ and ‘The Fiery Priest.’ She introduced Kim Na-ri that she’s like a three-dimensional character with a passion and good will inside”

“When I first filmed the scene, the scene was that I was bickering with Cho Jin-woong in a cathedral, which was literally a surprise. “I fell in love with the explosive energy, the absorbing power and the three-dimensional action.”

“Most of all while I have worked with Director Jung Ji-young, he led me to think about the attitude of the actor. Each take he come running to say something, I was deeply impressed by his passion, affection, and the sincerity.

She thumbed up saying “When I am working on more than a hundred films and become an actress in my 70s, I looked back to see if I could grow old like him.”

“While I was looking at both of them and reflected on myself. Before shooting the movie, I was excited but at the scene I focused on my role because I thought that I would have to play my part without being troublesome. I have learned so much from this film site. ”

Lee Ha Ni commented about the movie, “The scenario itself was so perfect, it contained a story that people should know,” “I was lucky to join such a great movie. I hope many people watch this movie.”

“The main characters in this film were all imaginary, but I thought there must have been such people. Since it was a fiction for the actor, I was able to put down the pressure and concentrated on the story itself.” (continue to next …)

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