Lee Ha Nee “The Golden days? Everthing went smoothly after I emptied my mind…

[Maeil Business Star Today Han Hyun-jeong]

“Mega- hit ‘Extreme Job’ is a miracle, an unexpected gift.”

“I want to fill my days with my best every moments”

Is it because of this sincere affection? Lee Han Ni (36), who was at the height of serial success with the movie “Extreme Job” and the drama “The Fiery Priest”, made another transformation in “Black Money.” After the release of the work, she was praised for her acting.

“I do not know, but I’m just thankful,” she shyly said. “What I feel the most on these days is that I don’t make any results.” The fruit of ‘Extreme Job’ was literally a miracle, and the ‘The Fiery Priest’ came as a gift. It’s not that I’m good at what I intend to do. There seems to be some time no one knows. ”

“I think that’s ironic but attractive. I also experienced slumps, greedy, and rigidly stiffened to look at everything. If you are trying to live life to the full and fill yourself with satisfaction without being ashamed of yourself, it seems like you have some chance. I am always thirsty and anxious while I’m waiting for a miracle like a thunderbolt. I realized that. (Laughs) ”

The unexpected answer came back after asked “Have you had a hard time?” : “There have been a lot of changes in the last three or four years.”

“I had a hard time until I felt and realized what I said before. As I just proved myself to someone, I had a great desire to do well, but I realized that it made me harder. ”

“I read the Bible more than six times, studied my mind (laughs), trained myself and did a lot of things, so I left some parts down. Through those times, my body, my mind, and my life were relaxed. Right now, I don’t want to be ashamed of myself. I want to be thankful for now and do my best to go one step further than I want to be such an actor, to achieve something, to hear a compliment…”

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