Park Jin-young announces new song ‘Fever’ on December 1st … MV ‘Muse’ is Cho Yeo-jung [Official]

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Park Jin-young, head of JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP), will release his new song ‘FEVER’ on December 1 and make a comeback. The muse of the music video that attracted attention turned out to be Cho Ye-jung.

Park Jin-young released ‘FEVER’ teaser image on SNS channel on the 12th. Between the half-opened elevator doors, Park Jin-young, with a strange look and Jo Yeo-jung, who catches viewer’s eyes with chic images, stimulated people’s curiosity.

Cho Yeo-jung, the main character of ‘FEVER’ music video, said, “The song was so good as soon as I listened to ‘FEVER’ I decided to appear because I thought I could show a new face with Park Jin-young.”

Park Jin-young introduced the behind-the-scenes of casting her, “On the night when the title song was finalized, I turned on the TV before I went to bed. I accidentally saw Jo Yeo-jung in the movie ‘Parasites’ and came up with a suggestion. I would really appreciate her for her acceptance.”

In the meantime, Park Jin-young has gathered a lot of attention by presenting the best female stars and a special chemistry at the MV. From the model Lee So-ra of the Elevator to Ko So-young of ‘Honey’, Lee Na-young of ‘Kiss Me’, and Kim Hye-su of ‘the house you live’.

Park Jin-young left an inspirational note on his new music video ‘Muse’ with hints on Instagram on the 5th. The heroine turns out to be Jo Yeo-jung and viewers are already looking forward to what exquisite ensembles they had in the MV.

Written and composed by Park Jin-young, ‘FEVER’ is a song that dates back to the roots of Park Jin-young’s music.

 It is the Vaudeville music, an entertainment that took place in American theaters in the early 20th century.

Before composing his work, he was inspired to watch shows such as Boardville’s synonymous with the Cotton Club in Manhattan, USA and his favorite Sammy Davis Jr. and Nicholas Brothers, among their legends. And he combined the latest hip-hop with that boardville music to create ‘FEVER’.

Meanwhile, Park Jin-young’s ‘FEVER’ MV will be pre-released on the 30th at 6 pm, and the sound source will follow the next on December 1 at 6 pm.

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