2AM Jung Jin Woon ♥ 9muses Gyeongree love each other.

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Recognizing that Group 2AM Jung Jin-woon (28) and Gyeongree(29) have been in a lovely relationship for 2 years. Affectionate selfies taken two years ago are a topic now.

In the public picture, the two are sitting side by side on the couch and posing in the ‘Heartheart’ pose. Was it from this time? The affectionate appearance of the two people looks happy.

Two days later, Jung Jin-Woon posted another photo[1] . The two people in the picture are wearing a couple mufflers of different colors, looking at the mirror and taking a selfie. Jung Jin-woon’s smile looks at the other with eyes of honey.

On January 13, Jung Jin-woon, a member of Mystic Story, admitted, “Jeong Jin-Woon and Gyeongree have been in a friendly relationship with various broadcasting programs and have met with a good feeling since the end of 2017.” “I hope you will look at Jung Jin-woon and Gyeongree with a warm gaze, and Jung Jin-woon will sincerely perform military service and Gyeongree will continue to look for it through broadcasting activities.”

After the enlistment of Jung Jin-woon in March, the couple showed their unchanging affection. An official said to the media, “Jung Jin-wooun enjoyed dating without worrying about people’s eyes whenever he went on vacation.”

Jung Jin-Woon is serving in the military service. Gyeongree started out alone in July after the exclusive contract with Star Empire expired. She is meeting with fans through the MBC entertainment information program ‘Section TV Entertainment Communication’ and YouTube channel ‘Gyeongnigan-gil’.

Photo | Jung Jin Woon SNS

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