‘A-HARU(One day discovered by chance)’ frenzy in Southeast Asia, No. 1 in Taiwan OTT drama views

[Everyday Economic Star Today Jae-Eun Lee Intern Reporter]

The ‘One day discovered by chance’ proves the global influence that is spreading all over the world.

MBC’s tree drama “One day discovered by chance” (hereinafter, “A-Haru”) is becoming the center of the topic and is loved by the next generation’s actors with its unique storyline, unprecedented development, and reversal.

As the episodes continue, the ‘A-Haru’, which is being aired in popularity, continues to be exciting and proves its global influence by receiving explosive reactions from overseas fans. In October, ‘A-Haru’, one of the dramas that were served on the OTT platform in Taiwan, struck the top spot in the combined views of Korean, Taiwan, China, and Japanese dramas.

According to the OTT service Kocowa of the Americas, ‘A-Haru’ ranked first in the YouTube content rankings in October, showing a unique topical index and drawing an amazing upward curve abroad. In addition, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia have been steadily broadcasting their popularity.

The explosive popularity of “A-Haru” continues in Singapore and Malaysia.

 ‘A-Haru’ was the overwhelming No. 1 player, occupying 62% and 51% of the Korean entertainment channels in Singapore and Malaysia, respectively.

Overseas fans are also reacting to the ‘A day’, which hit the Greater China region and Southeast Asia and became a popular Korean drama. Overseas fans are divided into ‘Harupa’ and ‘Baekkyungpa’, and they are also curious about their future development by sharing photos of actors through various communities and social media.

Every day, Thursday at 8:55 pm, ‘A Day founded by chance’ is spreading the word ‘Autumn Day’ to Asian fans across the country with fresh materials and unpredictable loveliness, delicate direction, and beautiful visuals.

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