‘Crash Landing On You’ Hyun Bin unveils sculpted looks +charisma in military uniform

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Hyun Bin transforms into a perfectionist elite North Korean army officer through tvN’s upcoming TV series ‘Crash Landing On You’.

Scheduled to be premiered on  December 14, at 9:00 p.m., TVN’s new Sat. & Sun. drama ‘Crash Landing On You’  (dramatist Park Ji-eun and director Lee Jung-hyo) reveals Hyun Bin’s first stills, and the sculpture-like visual and outstanding charisma in military uniform are catching eyes. .

‘Crash Landing On You’ is an absolute top-secret romance between a conglomerate heiress, Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin), who fled to North Korea one day with a blast and a paragliding accident, and North Korean officer Lee Jung-hyuk, who tries to protect her and hide her, and soon falls in love with her. This drama by Park Ji-eun, who wrote ‘Lover from the Star’ and ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’, was directed by Lee Jung-hyo, who has produced refined output regardless of genres such as ‘The Good Wife’, ‘Life on Mars’, and ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’.

Together with actor Hyun Bin and actress Son Ye-Jin’s on-screen chemistry, ‘Crash Landing On You’ makes headline every day and is considered the best anticipation.

Hyun Bin will play the role of Lee Jung-hyuk, a North Korean army officer with perfect looks and outstanding ability. Lee Jung-hyuk is a top-ranked North Korean military captain who is proud of his thorough work performance and is going to depicts romance with South Korean conglomerate heiress Yoon Se-ri.

Hyun Bin was perfectly transformed into a North Korean army officer in the posted photo.

 He is a perfect uniform fit, giving off cool charisma, boasting intense eyes and a synic look, boasting a principled North Korean officer, Lee Jung-hyuk and a high synchro rate. As the first stills are released, expectations are growing on how Hyun Bin can express Lee Jung-hyuk.

Hyun Bin, who was born again as an officer with unique aura, is predicting the birth of an absolute top secret romantic drama that will heat up the heart of the second half of this year.

TvN’s new TV series ‘Crash Landing On You’, which Hyun Bin will perform as a North Korean officer, Lee Jung-hyuk, will air on September 14 at 9:00 pm.

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