Korean famous chain store cafe

Korea is famous for its many cute cafes!

There should be many people going on a trip to visit a cafe!!

So this time I would like to introduce a famous chain store cafe in Korea.


It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most famous cafe in Korea.

The more you walk around the city, the more you can see it.

There are many types of cakes, and all of them look delicious, so you will be wondering which to eat.

The most popular cake in A TWOSOME PLACE is Tiramisu!

Although it is fairly sweet, it is not too big and can be eaten deliciously.

Sweet tiramisu goes well with bittersweet coffee like Americano.

Mega coffee

This is also a famous cafe in Korea, but the good thing about MEGA COFFEE is its size and price!

Therefore, it is a popular cafe for students without money.

As the name Mega implies, the amount is large.

However, it is as cheap as 1500 won for an Americano.

All other drinks are large in size but are offered at a reasonable price compared to other cafes.

The exterior is yellow and stands out!

This is a drink released this summer, but it looks cute.

The menu is abundant, so please go there.

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