‘The King of Mask Singer’, NCT Taei touched audience with smooth voice… Queen advanced to the 2nd round

[Maeil Business Star Today Seok Hoon-chul]

The identity of King was NCT’s Taeil.

The MBC entertainment TV show ‘The King of Mask Singer’ broadcasted on the afternoon of 17th, depicted the performance of eight masked singers who challenged the contestant King.

King and Queen came to the first stage of the first round and selected Baek Ye-rin’s ‘Across the universe’. The king appealed to women’s heart in sweet voice and queen dissolved in lovely tone.

Kai praised, “King’s song is not lacking. It is like a flower just by its existence. It was a good duet stage.”

Votes from the studio audience following the performance awarded Queen the victory, 56 to 43 points, and Queen advanced to the second round. King sang MAKTUB’s ‘To You My Light’ as his final song and took off his mask, revealing himself as NTC’s Taeil.

‘The King of Mask Singer’ is a music variety program where stars who hide their age, status, and occupation show their skills with voice only. Broadcast 5pm every Sunday.

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