TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Huening Kai ‘Magic Island’ Teaser released

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‘Magic Island’ teaser of the group TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Huening Kai has been released.

TXT released a video of Huening Kai’s ‘Magic Island’ teaser on their official SNS channel at 8 pm on August 16.

The teaser reveals Huening Kai’s suffering from a mysterious situation against a background of warning music and flashing lights. The message ‘what happened’ with the video suggests something extraordinary and raises tension.

The last scene where Huening Kai collapses with chest pain adds curiosity to the future.

‘Magic Island’ is included in TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s first studio album, ‘Dream Chapter: MAGIC’.

 It is a song that gives a little healing to the listeners with a reminiscent of childhood innocence and a song of the acoustic pop genre with the lyrical voices of its members.

Earlier, TOMORROW X TOGETHER released the ‘Magic Island teaser of Beomgyu, Yeojun, and Soobin in advance and announced the whole story at mindnight on the 18th. TXT, who has received a lot of attention as they come back with their regular album and show high-fidelity contents, the expectation for the ‘Magic Island’ video will be increased.

Meanwhile, TOMORROW X TOGETHER will appear on the SBS ‘The Music Trend(AKA Popular Song)’ today (17th) to present a stage full of energy.

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