Healing movie ‘I am Home’ starring Lee Yoo-young & Kang Shin-il

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“I wanted to heal myself through the movies.”

Lee Yoo-young and Kang Shin-il’s heart-warming movie, ‘I Am Home’ was unveiled.

The film depicts the story of the newspaper editor Eun-seo (Lee Yoo-young) who was living alone in Seoul, moved back to her hometown for a while as she moved to find a place to settle, faces the traces of her family she have forgotten.

Invited to the Today-Panorama section of the 24th Pusan ​​International Film Festival, the movie was premiered in Busan, and was introduced again on the 18th at the press and distribution screening held at CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall in Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of 18th. At the premiere, actress Lee Yeong-young, actor Kang Shin-il and director Park Je-bum attended.

Director Park Je-bum said, “This movie was not small for me. I think I did it on condition that I could tell. You may think that home usually means a settled life. But the movie ‘I Am Home’ tells a story about leaving. Isn’t life a repetition of encountering and parting? I wanted to talk about people who filled it up and emptied it through the space of the house.”

The reason why he set up heroine’s father, Jin-chul’s job as a locksmith in the film was “Jin-chul is a locksmith who opened the door of the others all his life long. However, I wanted to express the irony that he could not open the door of his family and his heart.”

He also commented Lee Young-young, “I think of Eun-Sae, who appears to be an adult but vulnerable childlike. In fact, such a character would not be easy to express, but after meeting the actress Lee Yoo-young, she sympathized with the story itself and thought that it resembled her own story. That’s why I think I can capture the point that resembles an actress in a movie, so I can lessen my troubles. ”

Lee Yoo-young said “After reading the scenario, I thought I wanted to do it right away. When I read it, Jin-chul really seemed my dad. It was a story that was very empathetic as a daughter. My father was sick and died, and I felt guilty of not doing well for him. I wanted to understand his heart through this movie, and to heal my heart too.”

She continued “I feel I could understand my dad’s heart a little more. But my guilt, which I did not do well for my dad, will never go away. I wanted to make this movie for a daddy. I hope many people to see this movie and understand their father and be healed.”

Kang Shin-il thanked director and writer saying “I wanted to do a movie too much, but I didn’t have a lot of opportunities lately. But it was a good opportunity. When the director and the writer came to see me, I decided to do it even before reading the script. I appreciated it so much.”

“I have a daughter of a similar age, like in the movie, but I recalled my father, grandmother, and my deceased adults rather than thinking about my daughter.” “I had a desire to capture my father’s heart too. It gave me healing while reading the scenarios.”

He praised Lee Yoo-young saying, “Lee Yoo-young was seen only on the screen, but on the screen she was a really new actress, had a profound and mysterious atmosphere.

 I felt the same feeling while acting together. She’s acting in a direction and at an angle that I haven’t thought of, that was amazing. ”

He lastly added “She could create new energy from those things. She’s an actress having  both the image of pure white and a various colors. I couldn’t be friendly or comfortable, but I was so grateful to her on the scene for treating me comfortably.”

The movie ‘I Am Home’ meets the audience on November the 28th.

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