‘Forbidden Dream’ Han Suk-kyu Returns to King Sejong

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Actor Han Suk-kyu plays the role of King Sejong in the movie ‘Forbidden Dream’ and announces his hot performance.

Han Suk-kyu, who made his debut through the TV drama in 1990, has crossed the film and TV dramas and has left a strong impression in every work without limiting his role. He has been loved and trusted by critics and the public at the same time for his long in-depth acting. Han Suk-kyu is expecting excellent character transformation once again through ‘Forbidden Dream’, which will visit the theater in December.

‘Forbidden Dream’ is a story about the hidden story of Sejong (Han Suk-kyu) and Jang Young-sil (Choi Min-sik) who wanted to make map of the sky and time of Joseon. Han Suk-kyu plays “Sejong,” the greatest king in Korean history, in “Forbidden Dream”

Han Suk-kyu’s Sejong is a figure who recognizes the talent and genius of Jang Young-sil, who is born into a man slave in government employ, and appointed him regardless of his status. However, after ‘Anyeo incident’ (an incident that king’s sedan chair was broken), Jang Young-sil disappears into history and the whereabouts become mysterious. In this film, they will draw their hidden stories and human figures with their imagination.

In fact, Han Suk-kyu, who performed in the SBS drama ‘Deep Rooted Tree’ in 2011, won the Grand Prize and is expected to show Sejong’s unique aura deep performance.

In addition, Han Suk-kyu said, “When I played the role of Sejong in the drama ‘Deep Rooted Treed’ I thought that if Sejong had a friend to talk to, that would be Jang Young-sil. However, I was very happy to see the story that I thought through this movie. There is growing expectations that not only did he expect the new look of Sejong, but also acted with Choi Min-sik, who played Jang Young-sil..

The movie ‘Forbidden Dream’, which can confirm Han Suk-kyu’s acting, which gives a deep resonance with unique acting power, is scheduled to be released in December.

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