Kang Daniel unveils ‘TOUCHIN’ concept photo … Transformed into 80s & 90s Noir hero

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Singer Kang Daniel unveiled the concept photo for the digital single.

At midnight on the 20th, Kang Daniel posted two photos of the concept of upcoming digital single ‘TOUCHIN’’ on his official website and SNS channel.

Kang Daniel’s face in the picture is halfway surrounded by darkness, revealing a perfect profile along the darkness. Eyes full of meaning that seem to stare somewhere else catch the eye.

In another photo, Kang Daniel attracts public glaze to a perfect suit with bow tie and fedora. Kang Daniel, who leans deeply over Fedora, boasts a sharp jawline and unlike his first photo, he hides his eyes in the dark and raises curiosity.

Kang Daniel transformed like a hero in the Noir films of the 80s and 90s, ahead of the release of ‘TOUCHIN’, which interprets the intense first meetings and process of the characters in the movie. Unveiling the first concept photo full of mood raises the expectation for new releases.

Kang Daniel is scheduled to release digital single ‘TOUCHIN’ which is the first step toward wider musical spectrum at 6 pm on the 25th.

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