BTS’ Interview “It’s a lie without pressure, to be burdened is part of life too”

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The group’s BTS reveals the burden of great love and favorable review worldwide in interviews with American magazines.

BTS interviews were posted on the 19th (local time) US entertainment magazine PAPER homepage. In their interviews, they confessed they feel the pressure to grow as a global group and gain reputation.

Member Jimin said, “I always think that people who come to see us should show at least a near-perfect performance.”
Suga replied, “It is a lie if there is no burden. To be burdened is also part of life”

J-Hope says, “I seem to live with a sense of mission, I think that I’m trying to do what I need to do while remembering the most important and fundamental things rather than to be perfect.

BTS has been breaking new records such as the summit of Billboard 200 in the US, World Tour seats sold out, Grammy Awards awards, and K-Pop singer’s first SNL appearance. RM answered the question of any dream that he can’t, “I’d like to go straight without missing what I feel right now” “I want to continue to burn my passion.”

Jin talked about happiness. “I often talk with Bang Si-hyuk about how we work together for a happy life,” he said. “I often think about how to live happily.”

Jimin said, “My dream is to show fans more performances and better music for a long time.”

BTS members also mentioned new styles of music they would like to try. RM said, “I want to show not only emotion and feeling but also various aspects that reflect the progress of our time.”

Jin added “I want to play rock genre. The music seems to come out well because the members are charismatic. ”

J-Hope also expressed his confidence that “BTS now feels like BTS itself,” and that “any music or performance comes out in BTS style.” He also added “We have been practicing to show the best and working on new songs.”

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