PD Na Young-suk pled “If you love us, unsubscribe our channel”

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Na Young-suk’s YouTube “Channel 15 Nights(formerly Channel Nanana)” has surpassed 1 million subscribers, and star PD has appealed to cancel the subscription through emergency live broadcasting.

PD Na Young-suk hosted a live broadcast on YouTube channel tittled ‘An emergency Live Show That’s 1 million Subscribers Celebration Party and Also an Unsubscribe Campaign’.

Na Young-suk showed the Gold Play Button in commemoration of the 1 million subscription surpassing on the day, saying “I feel not good to receive the Gold Play button with a letter. Thank you.”

“I promised that I would send Eun Jiwon and Lee Soogeun to the moon if we surpassed 1 million subscribers till our last show. It costs 400 billion won for one person to go to the moon, and two people would be 800 billion won. And if I were to go together…. There’s still 48 hours left. I’m going to ask you a small campaign. If you can, you can join the campaign that is ‘When you love us, then unsubscribe our channel’.  Please show your love and warmth at the end of the year. If you press the cancel button for two days, We can go below 1 million on Friday.”

Regarding the Moon’s commitment, “The Moon project has also been contacted several places, including NASA. We are trying to go if there’s a chance.” “But it’s a good idea to press Unsubscribe before things get bigger,” he asked again.

Lastly, Na Young-suk said, “I’ll tell you the truth. I really didn’t know that this would be big. I didn’t know how difficult it would be. I thought about whether to broadcast, to go to a cafe in the moon, or to go to a place called the moon, but it was all in your comments, you shouldn’t do anything. “I can’t break the commitment. The only way is to get below one million subscribers. Don’t waste 400 billion or 800 billion won.

Earlier on September 20, the producing director made a live broadcast on YouTube channel to commemorate the first broadcast of “Journey to the West: Three meals a day – Guys gone to Island”.

The PD also made a pledge when it reached 1 million subscribers to Channel Nanana. He will send Eun Jiwon and Lee Soo-geun to the Moon. Na Young-suk said, “One million subscribers make a lot of money. Aren’t we developing technology to the moon? I’ll send you right away. ”

The number of subscribers to the channel quickly increased due to the “moon commitment” resulting from Na Young-suk’s mistake. As a result, he changed the channel name from ‘Nanana’ to ‘Fifteen Nights’ and explained that “in the future, various content creators will be uploading dream-like content.” Na Young-suk asked for a slew of subscribers and said, “It costs 800 billion to go to the moon,” but the Na Young-suk PD’s wish did not come true.

As of 2 pm on the 19th, subscribers to Na Young-suk PD YouTube channel ‘Channel 15 Nights’ were counted as 1 million. With over 1 million subscribers, attention was also focused on whether his reckless commitment to send Lee Soo-geun and Eun Jiwon to the moon was realized.

The crew members thanked everyone for their support for the channel‘s reaching one million subscribers and said “We will inform you of the final result as soon as possible. Thank you again for making you one million subscribers again. ”

It is noteworthy whether Na Young-suk’s ‘Show your love by unsubscribing’ campaign will be successful.

The last episode of ‘Guys gone to Island’ will be broadcast after ‘Journey to the West 7’’, which is broadcast at 9 pm on Friday 22nd.

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