SM hosted 21st Century Live Aid with Lee Soo-man, Director of Seoul Performance

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

SM Entertainment, together with Lee Soo-man, has hosted the world’s largest charitable performance called Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream, a 21st-century live aid in Seoul.

Producer Lee Soo-man, director of Seoul performances, Kim Young-min, general manager of SM, Simon Moss Co-Founder of Global Citizens, Mad Thomas Thomas, Global Policy & Government Affairs Maker Sung-hak Kim and others met at Madison Square Garden in New York, USA on the 19th (US local time) and announced Seoul, South Korea, as the venue for the global continent of ‘Global Goal Live: The Portable Dream’. The performance date is September 26 next year.

‘Global Goal Live: The Portable Dream’ is the largest global village specially designed by ‘Global Citizen’, which brings together 193 UN member leaders, governments, philanthropists, and private organizations from around the world to raise funds for poor countries by 2030. It is a charitable performance and ‘Global Citizen’ has been sponsored by 56.600 billion won ($ 48.4 billion) from each country and company for 10 years from 2009 to the present, and has helped more than 880 million people around the world.

In particular, ‘Global Goal Live: The Portable Dream’ is the largest global charitable performance held to combine music and campaign movements to promote consensus and change awareness on issues such as hunger, inequality and environmental pollution. It is planned to be the largest music festival in the world, simultaneously held on five continents, including North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, and will be broadcast live around the world in 10 hours.

In addition, Lee Soo-man, who is the director of the Seoul performance of ‘Global Goal Live: The Portable Dream’, plans to complete a meaningful performance to convey the power of music to change the world.

In addition, Seoul, South Korea was unveiled following the announcement of the Central Park in New York, and Lagos, Africa, among the five continents. Coldplay, Metallica, Muse and Usher were also announced. , Red Hot Chili Peppers, EXO, Alicia Keys, BoA, Billy Eilish, Pharrell Williams, SuperM, etc. Global stars have been announced as headliners, attracting global fans’ attention.

Producer Lee Soo-man said, “We are pleased to be able to attract the largest charitable performances in the global village to Seoul in Korea, representing the Asian continent. As the performance director, we will bring together participating artists, audiences, and viewers from Asia as well as from all over the world to make meaningful performances that consider the issues facing the world together and practice sharing for each other. I ask for your interest and support. ”

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