Jeon Hyo-sung returned with a new song ‘STARLIGHT’ in three and half years

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Singer and actress Jeon Hyo-sung releases the new song ‘STARLIGHT’.

Jeon Hyo-sung’s new song ‘STARLIGHT’, which announced the release in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of her debut, unveils at 6 pm today (21st). This solo album is released in three years and six months after the mini album ‘Colored’ in 2016, and received a hot response before release.

Jeon Hyo-sung’s new song ‘STARLIGHT’ is a pop R&B genre whose chord guitar riff is impressive, and the lyrics comparing the time spent with fans to STARLIGHT captivate the ears.

In the lyrics, the singer thanked the fans who had been with her for 10 years.

In particular, Jeon Hyosung participated in the songwriting and composition of the new song ‘STARLIGHT’ to express her gratitude to the fans who have supported her for a long time. The singer actively participated in every stage from the planning, jacket photos to music videos.

On November 20, the day before the release, Jeon Hyo-sung confessed the behind story to write the new song in a live broadcast to commemorate the release of the upcoming song, “This song is for my fans, my heart is pounding because I can capture my feelings and words in my own style. My fans came upon me when I see the stars shining in the night sky. I thought that the memories with the fans seemed like the stars in sky, so I created ‘STARLIGHT’”

Jeon Hyosung’s new song ‘STARLIGHT’ will be released at 6 pm today.

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