‘My Little Old Boy’ Why Choi Si-won shed tears while using a bed with Kim Hee-chul?

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Choi Si-won, who appeared in the recording of the recent SBS entertainment program “My Little Old Boy”, was greeted by Mom-vengers. In particular, the mother of the same Super Junior member Kim Hee-chul welcomed Choi Si-won.

But after a while Kim Hee-chul’s mother had to sweat as Choi Si-won continued to expose Kim’s episodes, who had been a member of Super Junior with her son for almost 15 years.

Choi Si-won elicited laughter revealing the story that he cried himself to sleep every night when he shared a bed with Kim Hee-chul

In addition, Si-won said, “Super Junior members are worried when Kim Hee-chul feels good,” and raised the curiosity to disclose that Kim Hee-chul has emotional ups and downs. Mothers praised Choi Si-won “You are so good at talking”

On the other hand, Choi Si-won attempted to tell the impressive story of Shin Dong-yeop. But after listening Si-won’s story, Shin Dong-yeop fell into a big disappointment.

What happened between Choi Si-won and Shin Dong-yeop can be checked in ‘My Little Old Boy’ which is broadcast at 9:05 pm today (24th).

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