This time, we will introduce a cafe with delicious tarts.

The name of the cafe is 타르타르 tarr tarr

Since 타르타르 is a very popular and famous chain store, there are stores all over Korea, and there are 9 stores in Seoul alone.

The biggest attraction of 타르타르 is the rich variety of tartlets and their deliciousness!

Seasonal fruit and rich chocolate go well with the crispy tart dough, and there are many delicious tarts to try.

This is my recommended tart.

Oreo Tart 오레오 타르트/ 6900w

The crunchy texture of Oreo goes well with the cookie cream inside.

Blueberry tart 블루베리 타르트/ 6800w

Orange tart 오렌지 타르트 / 6500w

Cube brownie tart 큐브 브라우니 타르트 / 6800w

Orange tart and blueberry tart are sweet and sour and delicious.

Brownie tart is recommended for those who like chocolate and sweets.

In addition to the tart, we also sell cakes and scones.

I love the apple pie here too!

In addition, I think that it is good to take a picture because the interior of the cafe is also nice.

In Seoul, it seems that there are stores at Hongdae entrance, Gangnam, Sinchon, etc. Please check it out.

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