Blast after Park Kyung mentioned ‘Sajaegi’, Vive → Jang Deok-cheol took legal action

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Park Kyung, a member of the group Block B, mentioned the singer’s real name and raised suspicions about “SaJaegi(the manipulation of music charts and streaming numbers), all artists mentioned in his comment announced plans to take legal action.”

Park Kyung posted on his Twitter on the 24th, “I want do Sajaegi as Vive, Song Ha Ye, Hwang In-wook, Jang Deok-cheol, Jeon Sang-hyun, Jae-hyun did”

Many of them have criticized the problem of sound recording, but it is unusual to talk about the singer’s real name. Particularly, the fact of mentioning the real name in the situations where the substance of the ‘Sajaegi’ was not clearly revealed, and there was a controversy among the netizens.

Park Kyung’s agency, KQ Entertainment(Seven Seasons) apologized “We apologize to those whose names are mentioned in Park’s tweets,” “He was not intending to defame the reputation of a specific person. We would ask for your kind understanding if his direct and rash manner of expression caused discomfort to those involved artists”

Park Kyung also deleted the article from his SNS. However, the captured copies spread rapidly around various social media and online communities, and some netizens criticized the singers whose names were mentioned. The singers whose real names were mentioned said that they would take legal action to Park Kyung’s comments by disseminating false information and defamation.

Vibe’s agency Major Nine said on the 25th, “We have not received any sincere apologies from the singer even though we have given enough time to apologize through the company. “We will respond hardly according to the procedure.”

Song Ha Ye’s company, Plusmedia also said, “Song Ha Ye will take a strong reaction in accordance with legal procedures regarding the dissemination and defamation of false singer’s remarks.” We are deeply sorry for the fact that the comments made by the company have defamed us and our artists. ”

Jang Deok-Cheol’s agency, Remez Entertainment, said, “We are working hard to restore and protect the honor and wounds of artists who were lost from rumors that occurred in April last year.

 The singer’s remarks at dawn on the 24th gave us and her artists an unwashable wound. ”

“We are deeply sorry for the unsatisfied remarks as a certified person, and we will take a hard line to protect the artists who do not take this case.”

In addition, all the singers whose real names were mentioned, such as Lim Jae-hyun, Jeon Sang-geun, and Hwang In-wook, said, “The suspicion of Saaegi is completely unfounded.”

All six teams, from Vibe to Jang Deok-Cheol, were asked to take legal responsibility for Park Kyung’s groundless comment. There is growing interest in whether the suspicion of manipulating music charts which has been steadily rising in the music industry, will be properly publicized by this incident.

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