Ryu Hyun-kyung and Seo Dong-hyun starred at KBS drama special ‘Hidden’

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A preview video of ‘Hidden’, the last story of KBS Drama Special 2019, has been released.

‘Hidden’ (directed by Lee Hyun-suk, written by Yun Ji-hyung), which will be premiered on November 29, is the story of juvenile delinquent Kim Gun (Seo Dong-hyun) and detective Han Joo-kyung (Ryu Hyun-kyung) who lost her colleague due to juvenile crime. Watching the drama. Actress Ryu Hyun-kyung, who shows a broad spectrum in any character, and actor Seo Dong-hyun, who is looking forward to the future with the face of good and evil, catches the breath. In addition, actors such as Oh Yu-na, Yoo Jae-sang, Yang Dae-hyuk, and Choi Dae-hoon raise their expectations.

The preview video of Hidden released on the 23rd, depicts the story of a detective who lost a colleague because of a boy crime.

Han Joo-kyung lost her colleague in respect of a kid’s prank. But no one was punished. Because he was not punished for being a nine-year-old criminal boy. Han Joo-kyung said bursting tears mixed with anger and sadness “He will live well, as if nothing had happened…”

It is presumed that a boy attempting to commit a crime appeared before the detective. She started chasing a boy saying, “I’m going to let a criminal escape because he is too young, and then I’ll never let it again.” A boy standing in front of a space with flames, Han Joo-kyung call ed him “Kim Gun!”. Looking back her, boys’ eyes were full of anxiety and fear. What story is hidden in Kim Gun?

The production team said, “I hope ‘Hidden’ will be a time to think about the reality and the background of the juvenile crime through the stories of Han Joo-kyung and Kim Gun.” “The last work of KBS Drama Special 2019, which will be broadcast at 11:15 on November 20. Please give us a lot of expectations and attention. ”

KBS Drama Special 2019 ‘Hidden’ will be broadcast on 11:15 pm on November the 29th.

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