‘The Snob’ Song Jae-rim transforms into a male curator

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Actor Song Jae-rim foretells the transformation to a deadly male curator at the movie “The Snob”.

The movie ‘The Snob’ confirmed to be premiered on December 12. The film is a black comedy about the brazen and selfish story of four men and women who hide their inner heart around the artist Sunwoo Jung (played by You Da-in), who wraps and sells the works that she copied the works of her fellow artists under the term ‘Adopting Art’.

Song Jae-lim transforms to ‘expectedly snob’ curator Seo Jin-ho. Seo Jin-ho is in a crisis when he meets Sungwoo Jung for a special exhibition and has an affair with her, and her lover Kim Hyung-joong (Sim Hee-seop) comes to the museum as a parachute.

Song Jae-rim, who played this role against the absurd art world and showed a snobbish aspect, completed the three-dimensional character heavily armed with various charms.

Song Jae-rim draws viewers’ attention by drawing curators that various actors and actresses have already digested in movies and dramas with their own colors. Most curators who have been drawn through movies and dramas have been women. The films “High Society” Oh Soo-yeon (Su-Ae) and the drama “Her privacy” Sung Duk-mi (Park Min-young) are all professional female curators. Song Jae-rim is not a typical curator, but is transformed into a deadly male curator. And his transformation is known for its deadly charm, attracting the expectations of movie fans.

Director Shin Aga who grabbed the megaphone, commented about Song Jae-rim: “Song Jae-rim appeared to be almost perfect at the meeting. Since then, I have broken the prejudice I had about the actor Song Jae-rim and wanted to apply the unexpected side of the actor to the character named Seo Jin-ho. ”

Song Jae-rim is completely transformed into Seo Jinho in the film ‘The Snob’ and foretells the birth of a new male curator.

The movie ‘The Snob’ will be released on December 12th to meet the audience.

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