X1 cover picture, 11 members with perfect winter style.

[Everyday Economic Star Today Shin Young-eun reporter]

The cover pic of Group X1 has been released.
In the picture released through the December issue of The Star magazine, X1 exudes a fresh boy’s beauty under the theme of ‘We are you X1’. In the picture, X1 completed daily fashion that is easy to use this winter with padding, a trendy logo design jacket and a point bag.

Year-end cover pictures, group interviews, individual interviews, photoshoots, handwriting to fans, picture films and digital contents that showcase the appeal of Group X1 in 40P are all released in ‘The Star’ December issue, The Star’s official YouTube, Official SNS, you can meet on the Star Mobile.

Meanwhile, in the December issue of The Star, a variety of stars including another cover picture of the group CIX, which made a comeback as the second EP album, the actress Park Hae-soo’s charismatic fashion pictorial who won the Blue Dragon Film Award, and the holiday makeup offered by the makeup artist You can find information about and styles.

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