Yeoeuido Han River Park ~여의도한강공원~

The most famous river in Korea. Hangang.

If you are interested in Korea, you know.

This time we will introduce how to enjoy the Yeoeuido Han River Park in front of Hangang.

Cycling is possible!

Cycling courses are set up to enjoy cycling safely.

There are also two-seaters, so I often see couples cycling.

Rent a tent and enjoy Chimek!!

In Korea, drinking beer(맥주)

while eating chicken(치킨) is called chimek(치맥).

You can rent tents at this park for a fee. Therefore, many people have tents in the cool season and enjoy the time of Chimek.

(Although it is a park, chicken can be delivered.)

It is also recommended to go at dusk.

The sunset is reflected in the river and is beautiful.

The street performance begins at night. Listening to a love song while watching the river is romantic and wonderful.

The night view is also beautiful.

There are convenience stores, cafes, and restaurants in the park, making it an ideal date course. You can rest assured that there is a toilet.

Access >>> Subway Line 5 Yeouinalu Station

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