BTS appeared in Japan one year after the controversy of wearing the T-shirts for Korea National Liberation Day.

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It has been reported that the group BTS will appear on Japanese broadcasts within a year after member Jimin’s controversy on the Liberation Day T-shirt.

On the 25th, The Fact reported that BTS recorded the “FNS Song Festival” on the morning of broadcaster Fuji TV in Tokyo, Japan. BTS reportedly recorded the day because they could not meet the schedule for their live broadcast of ‘FNS Song Festival’ in early December.

In this regard, BTS agency Big Hit Entertainment said on a daily economic start today, “The official schedule is confirmed and released.”

BTS’s appearance in Japan is attracting attention since it’s been about a year after member Jimin’s controversy on the Liberation Day T-shirt.

 At the end of 2018, Japanese broadcasters suspended or canceled broadcasts such as ‘Hongbaek Gajeon’ and ‘Music Station Super Live’ due to the T-shirt worn by Jimin during the 2017 World Tour.

The T-shirt is a product that celebrates the August 15th Liberation Day and is printed with the appearance of the Korean people hurraying for the Liberation Day and the bomb exploding. In addition, phrases such as ‘PATRIOTISM’, ‘OURHISTORY’, ‘LIBERATION’ and ‘KOREA’ are engraved.

Meanwhile, BTS won the pop/rock genre of Favorite Duo / Group at the 2019 American Music Awards (AMAs) held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, the USA on the 24th. Duo / Group ‘,’ Tour of the Year ‘and’ Favorite Social Artist ‘winners.

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