‘Idol Room’ Seolhyun said “My face is handsome”

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

The group AOA showed their overflowing talents to the fan at ‘Idol Room’.

On the 26th, JTBC’s entertainment program “Idol Room” featured an AOA that would come back with the new song “Come See Me.”

AOA, who visited Idol Room a year and six months after the release of “Bingle Bangles” in May last year, showed off a gorgeous performance like an idol for eight years in a friendly atmosphere.

Seolhyun elicited laugher with unremitting appearance confidence.

 MCs asked that Seolhyun usually expresses her face as ‘handsome’ or ‘funny face’. Seolhyun admitted “I cann’t deny I’m good looking handsome” “My face has fun to look at”

In particular, Seolhyun picked members’ strengths one by one. MC asked “Do you prefer all the good points of the members, or do you prefer your own face?” Seolhyun answered without hesitation, “I still like my own.”

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