The market is full of locals and tourists every day.

Famous for 100 years of traditional Hanbok.

Old fashioned candy.

Because many tourists visit, sweets are popular with tourists and goods that can be used on airplanes were also sold.

There are many stalls.

빈대떡, 분식, 칼국수, etc.

Since I was hungry, I ordered a Kalguksu(칼국수), mandu(만두)and a Water-cooled noodle(물냉면).

칼국수 / 5000w

Perfect for the cold winter.

The noodles are handmade.

And it ’s 5000 won, but it’s so big that you will have trouble finishing it.

만두 6p / 5000w

There are two types: 김치 만두 and 고기 만두. Because everything is handmade on the spot, the rind skin is moist and delicious.

물 냉면 / 5000w

It contains egg, radish, cucumber, and kimchi.

It’s refreshing and delicious, but it’s cold, so I recommend eating it in summer.

Snacks such as 호떡 and 꽈배기 are also sold, so you may want to try a dessert after a meal!

Business hours >>>

It runs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is closed on Sundays.

Access >>>

Exit 8 of Jongno 5-ga Station, Subway Line 1

Walk for two minutes at Exit 4 of Euljiro 4-ga Station on Subway Line 2 and Line 5.

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