Hangdong Railway ~항동철길~

Hangdong Railway is an unused track in Guro-gu (구로구).

Go out Exit 2 of Chorwan Station on Subway Line 7 and walk a little in the direction of Ounce Station, a traffic light will come out, but if you look at the road on the left immediately after the signal, there is a place where the railway is connected.

This is the Hangdong Railway.

This photo plate can be taken along the way and is written as Handong Railway station, it is very cute and a good place to take pictures.

The chair is in the shape of a track.

I have a sense.

There are photo zones where you can take pictures with your children, and there are benches where you can sit and rest.

The track has nice words written by various age groups.

The surrounding area is surrounded by mountains, so the air is clean.

Small flowers were also blooming.

Pine nuts were falling.

There are also an arboretum and botanical gardens in the surrounding area, so if you are interested, please go there.

Access >>>

A 3-minute walk from Subway Line 7 Chorwan Station Exit 2

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