“Shaloskill” is a Korean area popular with Korean girls and tourists. But now, “Sharo Skill” with a name similar to Garosugil is HOT.

Shaloskill 샤로 수길 refers to the area of ​​“Guananro 14 kill” at Exit 2 of Seoul National University Station.

Named after the famous Korean art objects “Sha” (샤) and “Caroskill” (가로수 길) at the prestigious Seoul University main gate, it has been a popular hot place for Korean youth for several years.

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The location is about 3 minutes on foot from Exit 2 of Seoul National University (Seoul Dak) Station. It is a road of about 600m that goes straight between the cafe “Angel-in-us Coffee” and the drug store “OLIVE YOUNG”.

망원동 티라미수

Cafe where the tiramisu is delicious.

There are always many customers at this popular store.

There are many people not only on weekends but also on weekdays nights, so we recommend that you go during the daytime on weekdays.

Something like a true mouth.

Located at the entrance of an Italian restaurant.

There is also a shop selling a lot of figurines.

There are a lot of famous characters.

You can also go to a fortune-telling booth.

Love luck, work luck, marriage luck, etc.

In addition, there is an accessory shop and a place where you can take sticker photos.

I think it ’s a great place to make memories during your trip to Korea.

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